The Fastest Legacy Game

Witches' Quarrel is a 2 player, 10-20 minute legacy deckbuilding duel, where children learn magic by attacking each other with spells.

Play spells to gain power, learn new spells, and deal or block damage. The first witch to take 10 unblocked damage cries mercy.

Play each game with a selection of 5 changing spells, but all the spells start in sealed envelopes: complete rituals as you quarrel to gain bonuses and immediately add new spells to the fight. Also unlock new witch characters and new starting options for each witch.

Find a new snippet of lore about the child prodigies Yi-Feng and Nitya and the magical world they live in with each envelope.

Witches' Quarrel prototype box Inside the box are 36 sealed envelopes. What's inside the first couple envelopes. The Witches' Quarrel setup. Witches' Quarrel on the table Yi-Feng character card. Nitya character card. Blister, the fundemental damage spell Focus, the fundemental power spell Brace, the fundemental block spell Witches' Quarrel Lore Witches' Quarrel Lore Witches' Quarrel Lore Player card for Ursula Wax Sealed envelopes being considered for Deluxe editions New exciting spells in each envelope! Spoilers! Witches' Quarrel sellsheet

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