10-minute legacy deckbuilder

Witches' Quarrel is a 2 player, 10-minute deckbuilder with legacy mechanics, where you play the role of a witch in a quarrel with another witch.

Play spells to gain power, learn new spells, and deal or block damage. The first witch to take 10 damage loses.

Play each game with a selection of 5 changing spells, but all the spells start in sealed envelopes: complete achievements to unlock each spell. Also unlock new witch characters and new starting spell options for each witch.

Find a new snippet of lore about the child prodigies Isabella and Beatrix and the magical world they live in with each envelope.

New unboxing of a prototype box You open these three envelopes for the first feat, "Open the Witches' Quarrel box." Isabella, the witch child-prodigy The first story card. The second story card The third story card Beatrix, the witch child-prodigy Blister, the fundemental damage spell Brace, the fundemental block spell Player card for Ursula WQ on a table WQ on PlayingCards.io Wax Sealed envelopes being considered for Deluxe editions New exciting spells in each envelope! Spoilers!

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